Bazrin is an Imperial World on the edge of The Periphery region of the Spinward Front. It lies spinward of Sinophia and coreward of Kalf. Bazrin was home to nearly one billion inhabitants before it was invaded by Waaaagh Grimtoof nearly three years ago. No one knows what the current human population is, but it is still in the hundreds of millions. The orks currently control slightly over half the planet, but they have been losing territory recently to Imperium and rebel forces.

Bazrin is slightly smaller that Scintilla, having 0.9 standard gravity. It is significantly hotter than most inhabited planets, ranging from over 200 degrees Fahrenheit in the equatorial lowlands on a hot day to just below 0 degrees Fahrenheit on the northern plateau, which is by far the coldest part of the planet due to its high altitude and polar location. A wide equatorial desert surrounds the central portion of the planet, the human population lives in the more temperate regions closer to the poles.

The planet is 40% covered by water, contained mostly in large seas away from the equator where water evaporates very quickly. Most areas of the planet receive little precipitation, but it is crisscrossed by high mountain ranges that create valleys that trap precipitation and may be lush with vegetation.

Bazrin is unusually volcanically active. These volcanoes are the reason there are so many high mountain ranges. As the volcanoes raise some areas of the surface, others sink, and these often become lakes or seas. The volcanic soil of the planet is highly productive and Bazrin’s primary export is food. Since it is so far from trade routes or hive planets much of this food stays for domestic consumption, which has allowed Bazrin’s population to grow as high as it had before the invasion. Compared to many other worlds the standard of living was relatively high before the recent war.

2.8 years ago Waaaagh Grimtoof invaded Bazrin, appearing out of the Warp with hundreds of millions of greenskins that quickly started overwhelming Bazrin’s Planetary Defense Forces. Local forces fought bravely, but lost ground quickly, with over half the planet (including half the populated areas) falling to the orks over the next two years.

The Imperium was unprepared for such an attack. Waaaagh Grimtoof’s other attacks have been far toward the trailing portion of the Spinward Front. Whether the orks strategically opened up another front to divide Imperium forces or whether their attack was more random is unknown. What is known is that it took the Imperial Guard almost exactly two years to deploy to Bazrin. Half a year before that, Duke Gadrin, a charismatic and popular lord with influence all over the planet declared independence from the Imperium and swiftly took control of many portions of the world. His forces, despite being no better trained or equipped than loyalist forces, had much more success against the orks. This led loyalist to suspect outside help, most likely from the Ruinous Powers. Since the Imperial Guard arrived they have arrested the ork advance and slowly began to retake territory. At this point control of Bazrin seems to shift constantly.


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