Loyal Acolytes,

You have been granted the great honor of a summons by your new master, Inquisitor Svitrius Vang of the Ordo Hereticus. You will report to Groundport 578 at the Imperial Naval Yard outside of Hive Tarsus on Scintilla. There you meet with Captain Granger of the Sword Frigate Thessolanica, who will deliver you to the Spinward World of Bazrin, where you will report to me immediately. As you have no doubt heard the Imperial World of Bazrin is amongst those currently being invaded by Wagh Grimtoof on the Spinward Front. As is always the case, however, the greatest threat to the world is not from without, but from within. The Imperial Guard is a large a slow to move organization, and it took two years for them to mobilize a force to counterattack the filthy greenskin menace. They have now done so; the arrival of the Thessalonica is part of the force reinforcing that initial response. The Imperium is spending great resources to defend this world that had under a billion souls before the invasion has no exceptional resources. Still, in those first years of the greenskin invasion, the Bazrin Planetary Defense Force was hard pressed and lost most of the planet before the Imperial Guard arrived. During this time, one of the Bazrin lords named Duke Folus Gadrin commited grave treachery, declaring Bazrin seceded from the Imperium willing to sacrifice so much for its protection. No doubt he was inspired by the other Spinward World who have joined the Severan Dominate, though these worlds are on the other side of the Spinward Front, and we do not have any evidence of collusion between the two yet, though this is one of the many threats you must help me investigate. What seems more likely is that Duke Gadrin has made a pact with the Ruinous Powers, ever the greatest threat to the Imperium of Man. As soon as the Duke’s forces broke away from the loyalist forces of Bazrin they began winning large and unlikely victories against the Orks. Still, we do not have direct evidence of this most vile heresy yet. You must help me to root out any and all heretics on Bazrin of any kind. This is the only way we can truly protect the people of Bazrin, and to protect mankind itself.

Inquisitor Svitrius Vang
Ordo Hereticus

Bazrin Burning

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